LPS Spies Unite


Welcome to the next level of Littlest Pet Shop!

You wake up in a forest. Your hands are paws/fins/hooves/etc., you have a tail. The giggle of a tan cat with teal and green marks with purple, green, and teal headphones and high-tech gear scares you.

"Look, Flyel! I found one! A new pet!" The cat calls.

 A tan cat with green markings and a bandage on the tail with high-tech gear comes in.

"Great, Lily!" He saids to his sister.

It's easy to see they're brother and sister. They look the same.

"Wait till Fushia sees what we brought to base!" "I know!" The duo high-fived eachother.

"W-Who are you?!" You say. The cats laugh. "I'm Lily and this is Flyel. Welcome to the border on LPS Village, home to LPS Spies Unite HQ!" Lily- the runt of her litter- says. "SPIES?!" You say, jumping up. You've wanted to be a spy your whole life. "Yuppers! You came to the right place to sign up! Follow us and our leader Shadow will get you ready." Flyel says. They run off into the trees and you follow, ending up at a building. You see a gray/white/black dog in the distance. "SHADE!" Lily calls, using a nickname. Shadow runs over and he appears to be an adult. He hands you a card and runs off. "Fill it out, and welcome to LPS Spies." Lily says.

Nows your chance, will you join the spies, join the dark side, or run off to be a loner and the dark side's next target? It's your choice.

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